Massive Dad

Massive Dad

by Joanna Orland

Artificially hailing from a non-descript Eastern European country and mockingly having formed the union of Massive Dad through a Hunger Games like comedy extravaganza in said country, the sketch trio definitely bring something unique to the stage. These hilarious segues as their Eastern European alter-egos glue their show of sketches together more tightly than the sketches themselves.

They have a great energy about them with a solid palette of sketch. They are slick, funny and a joy to watch. While most of their sketches are rather good, the standout is definitely the film director grannies which is an interesting insight into the films of the Coen Brothers, Lars Von Trier and Ben Affleck.

While they are fantastic performers with good sketches, their strength lies in their packaging and format as I most enjoyed the bits between the sketches when they were playing versions of themselves. Also… MONTAGE!


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