Ethan Hawke Spotted in New York Hotel… Not Alone!


Film, News | by — December 12, 2004


The Hawke was spotted at the famed Chelsea Hotel in the heart of New York City. We believe he was early Christmas shopping with an old friend of his – Josh Charles from “Threesome” and “Dead Poet’s Society”. The two actors appeared quite chummy, but one question remains – why were they going up to a room at the hotel when the Hawke is a RESIDENT of Manhattan!!?? This is most peculiar! Is this the reason that he and Uma have called it quits? Or is he just trying to relive his youth as an artsy New York bohemian-type artist living in the cool digs of the Chelsea Hotel? To add to the weirdness, both Ethan and Josh seemed to have received early Christmas presents from Mr. Botox. Or they were wearing a HELL of a lot of make-up (big girl’s blouses), which caused our producer to gurn rather unattractively at them. They’ll remember her, and not in a good way!

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