We Know Whatever Happened to Corey Haim!


Film, News | by — November 2, 2004


The age-old question, recently brought once again to the fore by The Thrills, has finally been answered! Loose Lips sources have discovered that Corey is living in his hometown of Toronto, Canada….with his mother. It appears the former Lost Boy has spent all of his money, plus that of his family, and is now facing employment rejection from the likes of HMV and Baskin & Robbins.Having tried his hand at an acting career, but being dropped by his agency for numerous missed auditions and lewd conduct, Mr Haim forayed once again into the world of entertainment, this time as an agent, but now is reduced to hawking overpriced cds and scooping (albeit delicious) ice cream.

Now…does anyone know what happened to Corey Feldman?

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